Friday, November 4, 2011

Informative Speech Reflection

I gave my informative speech on becoming a mortician. This was a topic I was uncomfortable giving in front of everyone. Telling people I want to become a mortician always gets me some interesting looks (just like when I tell them about my fascination with Jeff). Undertaking and Jeff are personal parts of my life that I don't really like broadcasting to everyone. I don't want people to think they're things I like just to get attention or anything like that. So, before giving my speech, I was especially nervous. I thought about doing a different career for my topic, but I was torn, because as outside the box as my choice was, I knew it would be interesting to my audience because it would be different from what everyone else was presenting.
As I gave my speech, I felt more comfortable with my topic. It was something I knew well (especially compared to everyone else in the room) and something I really liked. I was still very nervous and felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack the entire time, but it really helped that I was more prepared and comfortable with my topic.
Afterwards, I was embarrassed. I didn't realize that I had gone so far over on my time. I had no concept of where I was time-wise, I think because the Christen was so far away and I couldn't see her time cards, if she was using them. As a side note, I'd like to add that I think it would be really helpful if the class as a whole would move up. Everyone tends to sit in the back two rows of the room, which makes it hard to project to them, and the distance feels awkward. There are plenty of seats for everyone up front, and (maybe it's just me) I feel like the presenters would feel more comfortable if everyone was less far away.
I think this speech was an improvement from my last one. I will definitely work harder on keeping my time in the right range next time, and I will work on relying less on my note cards. I feel my sources were strong, personally, because I learned a lot from them myself. I will cut out information that is less important next time to make sure my time doesn't bring down my grade.